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This web site is dedicted to CHINNAMASTA
most powerful Goddess. Hindu and Jewish religions which have the blessings of original Gods and goddesses have been corrupted beyond repair by vested interests, story tellers, script writers, ignorants, concoctors and interpolators and fanatical elements. Chinnamasta is a movement to restore the truth and to clear all the malignant growth. This website is authored by her ardent disciple Chandra Chinnamasta – available on


Prasanda Chandika or Chinnamasta is sixth in order of Dasa Mahavidya and Chinnamasta, literally means severed head. A Goddess described in both Hindu and Buddhist tantric works depicted her naked and holding her own severed head. Chinnamasta is like the force of the lightening-bolt of Indra and that is why she is also known as Vajreswari. She displays a lot of eyes around her body and is also called Indirani. She is the Goddess of courage and discernment for the beginners, and She activates Manipura Chakra in our body. When manipura Chakra activates, a white cloud of odourless smoke with a triangle and a lotus emanates. Rati and Manmata who are positioned above the white lotus emerges in a copulating position . Manmata is lying on the lotus with his back and Rati is sitting above him .

Chinnamasta is standing above the chest of Manmata, holds her severed head in one of her hands . Three jets of air spurts from her bleeding neck and she appears to be inhaling and exhaling all the time . She signifies self control, believed to be the hall mark of a yogi. May be, it is a symbol of control of sexual desire of the Goddess or may be goddess's embodiment of sexual energy. The decapitation of her own head suggests spiritual success and self control .One jet of air is fed to Dakini , theother one is fed to Varninini who are her closest friends . The greenish yellow thick gaseous the third main jet turns into ultra violet on coming out of her mouth and is spread throughout the universe like a web interconnecting all living beings of the universe. .In this way entire living beings are intrinsically connected with Chinnamasta . The concept of Chinna masta is a composite one, conveying reality as an amalgamation of sex, death , destruction and regeneration. It also signifies that life, sex and death are an intrinsic part of grand unified scheme that makes up the manifested universe. Chinnamasta is the great Yogini. She is the yoga shakti or power of yoga. She is called Vajra yogini, Para Dakini, supreme Dakinis on yoginis path. She is also worshipped by those seeking yogic and occult powers. She always keeps left foot in forward state as if in a hurry to move. She holds her severed head and a knife, She likes fish, meat and hot beverages. A serpent is coiled on her neck as a jewel all the time. She has three eyes. . Even though her appearance conveys the feeling of ferociousness she is very satvik and soft . She is easily approachable and is very friendly and much more concerned to her devotee.